Categories of Disease



  • Categories of Disease
  1. Extent of occurrence
    - Endemic diseases
    - Epidemic diseases
    - Pandemic diseases
    - Sporadic diseases
  2. Communicability: Communicable or Infectious diseases & Non- Communicable or Non-Infectious diseases
  3. Kinds of pathogens
  4. Kinds of transmitting agents
  5. Congenital diseases and acquired diseases
  6. Other types of diseases
    - Infectious diseases
    - Hereditary diseases
    - Physiological diseases
    - Deficiency diseases


Types of disease:

Acute Disease:

  • Acute disease lasts for only a short period of time.
  • It is caused in due course time.
  • It does not cause major effect on general health.
  • Example: cough, dysentry.

Chronic disease:

  • Chronic diseases last for a long period of time
  • It is caused in due course of time.
  • It causes major effect on general health.
    Example: Elephantiasis, heart disease, tuberculosis.


Difference between Infectious and Non-infectious Diseases:

Infectious or Communicable Diseases:

  • They are caused by attack of pathogens.
  • The diseases brought about by exitinsic or external factors.
  • Infectious diseases can pass from diseased person to a heathly person.
  • Transmission of infection occurs through direct contact or some medium (air, water, vectors).
  • Community hygiene can reduce the incidence of infections diseases
  • Example: Cholera, Tuberculosis (TB), Pneumonia, Chickenpox.

Non-Infectious or Communicable Diseases:

  • They are not caused by pathogens.
  • The diseases are mostly brought by intrinsic or internal factors.
  • Non-infectious diseases cannot pass from one person to another.
  • Transmission is absent, However hereditary diseases are transmitted from parent to offspring.
  • Community hygiene is ineffective in reducing the incidence of non-infectious diseases.
  • Example: High blood pressure, Heart, disease, Cancer.
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