States of Matter - The Gaseous State





  • Constituent particles are far apart from each other.
  • Force of attraction between particles is negligible.
  • Particles have maximum kinetic energy.
  • Neither have definite shape nor definite volume.
  • Density is least and can easily diffuse.
  • Highly compressible.

Exert pressure in all directions:

Have you ever seen colours fly in the air! The molecules in a gaseous element show similar behaviour. The molecules in a gaseous element scatter by forces in all direction due to the negligible force of attraction between them. Therefore the molecules exert pressure in all directions.

Mix Evenly:

They mix evenly without the help of any mechanical change. The gaseous elements are more susceptible to reactions and admixtures. The huge gap between molecules gives the molecules of other elements an ease to mix with each other. This property of gases makes them highly reactive chemical elements.


  • Gases
  • Properties of gases
  • Molecular model of gases
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