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Save Time

Save time, trying to find material. Shaalaa has all the education material well organised. Access Shaalaa from any place, from any device at any time. When and how to study is completely in your hands.

Best in Class

To be the best in class you also need to be able to get yourself the best platform and good practice and be able to correct yourself.

Flipped Learning

Shaalaa can be and extension of your school. You can study on Shaalaa, gather your queries and ask them you your teacher at school

Solved Question Papers

Practising the previous years' question papers increases a students confidence which helps them perform better during their exams. has made thousands of high quality solved question papers available to students for free!

Book Solutions

Textbook or reference book. It is very important to solve the exercise questions given in the books. Students may not have access to correct, complete and trusted book solutions at all times. has solved book exercise questions and has made them available online for free to all students so they can study, solve and verify any book questions they need.
Balbharati Solutions, NCERT Solutions, RD Sharma Solutions, Lakhmir Singh Solutions, TS Grewal Solutions, Selina ICSE Concise Solutions, Frank ICSE Solutions and many more

Free Video Tutorials

Video tutorials we offer are excessively informational and guide you through the hardest processes in the simplest ways possible in order to assist you in understanding your subjects. We are offering several different categories and modules under which video tutorials are placed. You can choose your course and subject and view the tutorials for free. Helping you study for free.

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