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RD Sharma Solutions till Class 12 | Classwise list 

RD Sharma Solutions is the best study tool for a student to excel in the maths exam. For those who enjoy mathematics, the RD Sharma book is a gem. It is one of the best books that thoroughly explains each concept and equips readers to answer any question, no matter how challenging. The best solution manuals online are available at Shaalaa.com, which offers RD Sharma Solutions for Classes 6 to 12. The chapter-based and exercise-based organisation of the solutions makes it incredibly simple for students to navigate and choose any specific topic for which the solution is needed. 



RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Maths are provided to study. Go through our all RD Sharma solutions to score more in your board exam.

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths are provided to study. Go through our all RD Sharma solutions to score more in your board exam.

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10 Maths are provided to study. Go through our all RD Sharma solutions to score more in your board exam.

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 9

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 9 Maths are provided to study. Go through our all RD Sharma solutions to score more in your board exam.

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Maths are provided to study. Go through our all RD Sharma solutions to score more in your board exam.

RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 to 12 Chapter wise

About RD Sharma solutions

A few key points of RD Sharma Solutions by Shaalaa.com

  • Our experts created the solutions specifically to offer thorough explanations for all of the questions in the RD Sharma Book.
  • Questions and answers organised by chapter and exercise are easily and quickly accessible.
  • For better and simpler understanding, the solutions are entirely customised and derived step-by-step.
  • Several school-level, graduate-level, and undergraduate-level competitive exams, including NTSE, KVPY, NSO, IMO, CAT, GRE, IIT JEE, and others, can be prepared for using RD Sharma Solutions.
  • These answers give students a solid foundation in fundamental mathematical ideas right from the start.
  • Students who diligently practise mathematics with RD Sharma Solutions can solve any problem correctly on the board exam.

RD Sharma Maths Solutions Chapter wise for Free Download

Understanding maths concepts is essential for children. Maths helps in large areas of life. The RD Sharma textbook is one of the best resources for a CBSE student studying Maths. Though the book seems complicated, RD Sharma is a student favourite. Shaalaa has created a step-by-step approach is providing the best solutions for the RD Sharma book. 

RD Sharma Solutions on Shaalaa are very well-organised, chapter-wise and then Exercise-wise—this way, students can find the exact answer easily and quickly.

Above is a list of links for RD Sharma Solutions mentioned standard-wise. The board exam Students of Class 12 and Class 10 and competitive exams students can also get great help.

Frequently asked questions about RD Sharma solutions

Where will I find RD Sharma Maths Solution?

RD Sharma's questions are meant to be solved by the students themselves. Maths include Algebra and Geometry; Shaalaa has RD Sharma Solutions for Maths created by experts. These Solutions help students compare with and check their work, improvise on it, and score better by understanding the maths concept. Students can, in this way, tutor themselves. 

Is RD Sharma the right book for CBSE Class 12?

CBSE follows the NCERT Syllabus. Thus the first part would be to familiarise yourself with the NCERT textbook. Once you have understood the maths concepts, RD Sharma's book is a good resource for scoring better. 

How is Shaalaa.com the best website for RD Sharma Solutions?

Shaalaa.com provides all RD Sharma Solutions, which include MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) and Comprehension. These help the students to prepare themselves and increase their grades.

Is RD Sharma's Textbook a good study material for competitive exams like JEE Mains?

RD Sharma Textbook can help pass competitive exams like JEE Main exam. A student's goal is not to pass an exam but to get into an institute of choice. To get an institute of choice, you have to score better; for that, a combination of books and materials will be required, like Ncert Textbooks.

Is solving RD Sharma enough for the competitive exam BITSAT?

For the competitive exam BITSAT, you must study a lot of Maths. RD Sharma's textbook and solutions are excellent for studying Maths, but that is not the end. Speed of answering MCQ is required; therefore, much practice is needed.

How do I solve RD Sharma Textbook questions?

To solve any Questions, a student needs to understand the concept properly. This understanding can be achieved by reading notes and textbooks. NCERT, RD SHARMA and SHAALAA.com can help you increase your knowledge of the concepts. 

Key Features of RD Sharma Solutions

• Shaalaa.com have provided detailed solutions of RD Sharma textbooks.
• All RD Sharma solutions are free, accurate, and easy to understand.
• Questions and Answers of all Chapters for all crucial subjects.
• Answers have been given in easy and understandable language.
• Very useful for quick revisions while preparing for board examinations and unit tests.

Students who study RD Sharma solutions from Shaalaa for all subjects will get notes, sample papers, and exam answers for the best learning experience.

While you are preparing for most exams, it is essential to complete your syllabus. Another vital aspect is effectively utilizing your time. Exam preparation should begin earlier so that you always get a chance to revise your studies.

Start to Study Early: People can only study part of their portion a day before their examination. Finishing the entire syllabus at least a few weeks before the examination is essential and will give us time to revise the study material. Reading the RD Sharma textbook can help you a lot.

Organize yourself: You'll need to organize so that you know the portion that needs to be covered daily. Planning how many days you have to finish your studies is crucial. So that you have enough time to revise, solving questions can go a long way.

Now it is time for some actual studying. Once you finish reading, mark and reread all the difficult points to understand them better. Making brief points that help you recall the entire concept will prepare you while you refer to the RD Sharma textbook.

Using Shaalaa, you can find RD Sharma model question papers and past year's question papers. You can solve these question papers and then use the solutions to check yourself. This method will help increase one's writing speed and confidence level, help one understand which concepts one is weak in, and help one give more time to those concepts.

On Shaalaa, RD Sharma book solutions are available as free PDFs for different subjects from class 8 to class 12. These can be referred to whenever you need them. The answers are categorized chapter-wise for each subject. These chapter-wise solutions help students find their resources quickly.

Students can answer a question but want to check if their answer is correct. Or they might need help answering the question. The RD Sharma solution guide can help students during their regular studies. Now, you can refer to solutions on Shaalaa to understand how to structure an answer appropriately.

One of the most effective ways to prepare for exams is to practice solving past versions (past year's question papers). This way, you get used to the format of the paper and the individual questions. Timing yourself while answering is a great practice. It helps to understand that you give the correct time for every question and section.

Remember that being well-hydrated is essential for your body and brain to work at their best. Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water throughout, whether it is your revision or your exam day.

Parents, brothers, and sisters don't have to be annoying around exam time. Use them to your advantage. Explain an answer to a question to them, which will help you understand the concept in your head. If you cannot explain it to them, you will know it's time to go back and understand the question yourself.

Shaalaa - your personal edge

We at Shaalaa strive for students to do their best in an exam and, at the same time, improve their knowledge. The answers mentioned above in the RD Sharma textbook are one of the solutions provided by Shaalaa. Students can refer to past year's question papers and their solutions. All this is free.


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