Water, Our Lifeline



  • Introduction
  • Water: A Compound
  • Occurrence of water


Water: A Wonder Liquid
The different forms of water present on the earth are:

Water Vapour – found in the atmosphere

Saline Water – found in seas and oceans

Freshwater – found in frozen ice caps, snow-covered mountains, underground, rivers, lakes and ponds

Why water is a necessity for life?

  • The presence of water in a region decides the biodiversity of that area to a great extent.
  • The cellular processes take place in the water-like-medium.
  • A major constituent of blood is water which allows it to carry substances throughout the body.
  • Water helps in regulating the body temperature in animals and human beings.
  • It prevents the tissues, organs and cells from drying out by keeping them moist.
  • Water helps in digestion of food.
  • Water helps in the removal of waste products out of the cells.
  • Plants also require water to transport food through different parts such as the stem and leaves and also in the process of photosynthesis.
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