Principles of Prevention of Diseases




The principles of prevention

Are there any limitations of treating infectious agents via medicines?

Yes, there are three limitations:

  • Our body functions might not be able to recover easily
  • This treatment takes time hence it can affect our daily activities
  • An infectious disease may transfer from a person who is suffering the disease to another in the meanwhile of the treatment

Therefore, we should find out ways to prevent these diseases in the first place. There are two ways to prevent diseases:

1.Preventing exposure to these infectious agents

Waterborne diseases can be prevented by always having safe and pure drinking water

Airborne diseases can be prevented by avoiding overcrowded places in keeping the environment clean

Vector-borne diseases can be prevented by keeping our surroundings clean and maintaining public hygiene

2.Strengthening the immune system so that if any infectious agents enter our body it can fight back. This can be made possible by having healthy food.

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