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Animal Husbandry (Livestock) - Pisciculture (Fish Farming)

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Fish Production

Fish can be obtained in two ways:

From Natural Resources - Capture Fishing

From Fish Farming - Culture Fishing

Marine Fisheries

Marine fishes are caught using fishnets and mechanical capturing techniques.

The main source of marine fishes is marine water or salt water.

Generally, large numbers of fishes can be captured at a time through mariculture.

For Example, tuna, Bombay duck, prawns

Inland Fisheries

Fishes found in lakes, ponds, lagoons and rivers are captured.

The main source of Inland fisheries is freshwater and brackish water.

The yield is not as high in these sources hence large numbers of fishes are captured through aquaculture.

For Example, silver carp, common carp

Aquaculture: It is a method of farming aquatic animals under controlled circumstances. It is performed in both freshwater and saltwater bodies.

Mariculture: It is a branch of aquaculture hence a method of fish farming under control environment. Mariculture is often performed in the ocean, a particular section of the ocean or in the tanks that are filled with seawater only.

Composite fish culture

In a composite fish culture, fishes are grown along with rice crop in the paddy fields.

In this method, a combination of 5 - 6 local as well as foreign fishes is grown in a single pond.

Such species are selected because they have different food habits and would not compete for the food with each other.

Some of them are surface feeders; some are middle zone feeders while others are bottom feeders.

They would rather eat all the food in the pond.

As a result, the fish yield in the pond increases

For Example, Catlas (surface feeders), Rohu (middle feeders), Mrigal (bottom feeders), Common Carps (bottom feeders), Grass Craps (aquatic weed eaters) are often grown together in composite fish culture.


  • Pisciculture
  • Types of Fish Culture
  1. Extensive fish culture
  2. Intensive fish culture
  3. Monoculture
  4. Polyculture
  5. Integrated fish farming
  • Types of Ponds for Fish Culture
  1. Breeding pond
  2. Hatching pits
  3. Nursery ponds
  4. Rearing ponds
  5. Stocking pond
  • Cultivable Food Fishes
  • Nutritional Value of Fishes
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