Plant Breeding



  • Plant breeding
  1. Hybridization and its technique
    - Steps of Hybridization technique
    - Indian Hybrid Crops 
  2. Mutation Breeding
  • Main steps in breeding a new genetic variety of a crop
    (i) Collection of variability
    (ii) Evaluation and selection of parents
    (iii) Cross hybridisation among the selected parents
    (iv) Selection and testing of superior recombinants
    (v) Testing, release and commercialisation of new cultivars
  • Gross Revolution: Wheat and Rice, Sugar cane, Millets
  • Plant Breeding for Disease Resistance
    ⇒ Methods of breeding for disease resistance
    ⇒ Mutation
  • Plant Breeding for Developing a Resistance to Insect Pest
  • Heterosis and inbreeding depression
  • Plant Breeding for improved food quality - Biofortification
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