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Tests for Divisibility of Numbers - Divisibility by 8

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Divisibility by 8:

A number with 4 or more digits is divisible by 8 if the number formed by the last three digits is divisible by 8.

Consider 2104, 1416, 9995216 numbers as an example. Look at the digits at ones, tens and hundred's place of these numbers. These are 104, 416, and 216 respectively which is divisible by 8.

More Examples:

Is the number 7377473496 divisible by 8?
Take the last three digits of the number.
The last three-digit is 496, check whether it is divisible by 8.
496 is divisible by 8, So the number 7377473496 is divisible by 8.

Is the number 546632318 divisible by 8?
The last three digits is 318.
318 is not divisible by 8, so the number 546632318 is not divisible by 8.

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