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Tests for Divisibility of Numbers - Divisibility by 5




Divisibility by 5:

How to check a number is divisible by 5?

A number which has either 0 or 5 in its one's place is divisible by 5. consider 175, 125, 205 numbers as examples. Look at the units place. All these numbers have either 0 or 5 in their one's place which is divisible by 5, other numbers leave a remainder.


Is the number 13356890 divisible by 5?
Check the units digit in the given number
unit digit is 0, so 13356890 is divisible by 5.

Is the number 56722368553 divisible by 5?
The unit's digit is not 0 or 5, so the number 56722368553 is not divisible by 5.

Let us explain the divisible by 5 rule:

Any number... cba can be written as: ... + 100c + 10b + a

Since 10, 100 are divisible by 10 so are 10 = b, 100c,... which in turn, are divisible by 5 because 10 = 2 × 5.

As far as number a is concerned it must be divisible by 5 if the number is divisible by 5. So a has to be either 0 or 5.

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