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Chance and Probability:

1. Chances:

These words often come up in our daily life. We often say, “there is no chance of it raining today” and also say things like “it is quite probable that India will win the World Cup.”

Thus, we can say that Chances and probability are related to real life. There are situations in our life, that are certain to happen, some that are impossible and some that may or may not happen. The situation that may or may not happen has a chance of happening.

Chance is the likelihood that a particular outcome will occur.

Consider the experiment of tossing a coin once.
When you throw the coin each time the outcome of every throw can be either head or tail. It is a matter of chance that in one particular throw you get either of these.

2. Chances and Probability related to real life:

The use of probability is made in various cases in real life.

  1. To find characteristics of a large group by using a small part of the group.

    For example, during elections ‘an exit poll’ is taken. This involves asking the people whom they have voted for when they come out after voting at the centres which are chosen off-hand and distributed over the whole area. This gives an idea of the chance of winning of each candidate and predictions are made based on it accordingly.

  2. Metrological Department predicts weather by observing trends from the data over many years in the past.

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