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Divisibility of 10:

How to check a number is divisible by 10?
It is very simple, If a number has 0 in the one's place, then the number is clearly divisible by 10.


Is the number 1234567890 divisible by 10?
Check for the unit digit, it is 0,
So 1234567890 is divisible by 10.

Is the number 1236985 divisible by 10?
The unit digit is not zero, so the number 1236985 is not divisible by 10.

Let us explain the divisible by 10 rule:

Take the number.... cba; this is a short form for ... + 100c + 10b + a

Here, a is the one’s digit, b is the ten’s digit, c is the hundred’s digit, and so on.

The dots are there to say that there may be more digits to the left of c.

Since 10, 100,... are divisible by 10, so are 10b, 100c, ....

And as for the number, a is concerned, it must be divisible by 10 if the given number is divisible by 10. This is possible only when a = 0.

Hence, a number is divisible by 10 when its one’s digit is 0.

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