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Tests for Divisibility of Numbers - Divisibility by 4

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Divisibility by 4:

A number with 3 or more digits is divisible by 4 if the number formed by its last two digits (i.e. ones and tens) is divisible by 4.

Take 212 as an example and think of another four-digit example which is 1936. Observe the number formed by the ones and tens places of 212. It is 12; which is divisible by 4. 212 is also divisible by 3. For 1936 it is 36, again divisible by 4.

More Examples:
Is the number 98731812 divisible by 4?
Take the last two digits in the given number,
Last two digit is 12, which is divisible by 4,
So 98731812 is divisible by 4.

Is the number 3426941365 divisible by 4?
The last two digits of the number is 65, which is not divisible by 4,
So the number 3426941365 is not divisible by 4.

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