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Pedigree Analysis




Pedigree Analysis:

  • The idea that disorders are inherited has been prevailing in human society since a long.
  • After the rediscovery of Mendel’s work the practice of analyzing inheritance patterns of traits in human beings began. Since it is evident that control crosses that can be performed in pea plants or some other organisms are not possible in the case of humans.
  • A pedigree is a “family tree”, drawn with standard genetic symbols, showing the inheritance pathway for specific phenotypic characters.
  • Pedigree analysis is the study of traits as they have appeared in a given family line for several past generations.

    Symbols commonly used in pedigree charts

  • In human genetics, the pedigree study provides a strong tool, which is utilized to trace the inheritance of a specific trait, abnormality, or disease.
  • Each and every feature in any organism is controlled by one or the other gene located on the DNA present in the chromosome. DNA is the carrier of genetic information. It is hence transmitted from one generation to the other without any change or alteration. However, changes or alterations do take place occasionally. Such an alteration or change in the genetic material is referred to as a mutation. A number of disorders in human beings have been found to be associated with the inheritance of changed or altered genes or chromosomes.
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