Types of Social Norms




Types of Social Norms:

(1) Folkways: The term was first used by William Sumner in 1906. According to him, “the folkways are the recognised ways of behaving and acting in society”.

(2) Mores: According to William Sumner, mores are “the popular habits and traditions when they include a judgment that are conducive to social welfare and when they exert coercion on an individual to conform to them”. 

(3) Laws: Karl Manheim defined Law as “the body of rules, which are recognized, interpreted, and applied to a particular situation by the court of the state”.Law is obligatory in a complex society.

There are two types of Laws :

(a) Customary Law: It is followed in tribal as well as in rural society. It is not in a written form but orally transmitted.

(b) Enacted Law: This law is in a written form. It is important as well as
obligatory in a modern, complex, and dynamic society.

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