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Auguste Comte (1798-1857)

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Auguste Comte (1798-1857):

Auguste Comte - The father of Sociology
Date of Birth - 19 JAN 1798
Birth Place - Montpellier, France.

About Comte:

He wrote the book ‘Positive Philosophy’ and in its fourth volume he mentioned for the first time ‘Sociology’. The etymological meaning of sociology is ’science of society’. Previously Comte termed this science as ‘Social Physics’. Later on, it popularly came to be known as Sociology.

He formulated the Theories of ‘Law of Three Stages’, ‘Positivism’, ‘Classification or Hierarchy of Sciences’. He also described Sociology with its ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’ aspects.


Did you know?

Comte’s full name was ‘Isidore Auguste Marie Francois Xavier Comte’. Right from childhood he was brilliant and won a number of awards and prizes. However, we should not forget that he was also rebellious and challenged the existing order. Basically, he was a mathematician and philosopher. At the age of 14, he expressed the need for ‘reconstruction of society’.

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