Introduction of Society





 According to Aristotle, ‘man is a social animal’. He cannot live without society. Man is subjected to some elemental and derived needs which he can only satisfy within the framework of an organisation. Therefore, the collectivity which man has created during the long course of his evolution is known as society. In society, we find a definite order of mutual behaviour and relations. Hence, when individuals enter into social relations, society is formed.

The term ‘society’ is the most fundamental one in Sociology. It is derived from the Latin word ‘socius’ which means companionship or friendship. George Simmel has given importance to ‘Sociability’. It is an indication that we always live in the company of other people.

The word ‘society’ is a very broad and known word and it is used frequently or in day-to-day life by people. For example, Arya Samaj, Tribal Society, Mahila Samaj, Co-operative Society, industrial society, etc. Sociology is a science of society and hence it is necessary to understand its exact meaning. Many times the word society is used to denote an ‘association’, ‘organisation’ or ‘group’. For example, ‘People’s Education Society’, Deccan Education Society, Ideal Housing Society, etc. However, such an interpretation of society is not accepted in Sociology. In Sociology, we use the term ‘society’ with a specific meaning, with some kind of scientific thinking behind it. Just as physical sciences use distinct terminology, Sociology also uses distinct terms.

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