Education and Social Division




Education and Social Division:

  • For sociologists who look at society as unequally divided and differentiated, education – at all levels - becomes a means to reproduce social inequalities.

  • Scholars like Bowles and Gintis (2002) argue that workplace inequalities are mirrored in the organization of schools and that the education system reproduces these inequalities.

  • Scholars like Bourdieu (1986) analyze the relationship between education and economy and criticize the education system for functioning as the means through which higher classes reproduce their economic domination.

  • We go to different kinds of schools depending upon our socio-economic background and we acquire different kinds of privileges and opportunities.

  • Although the ‘gender gap’ in education has narrowed in recent decades, gender remains a challenge: for equal access to educational opportunities.

  • Gender difference is evident enough when we consider issues like the preference for a boy’s schooling over a girl’s, or high school drop out rate among girls, or ‘soft’ subject choices for girls.

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