Introduction of Socialization




Introduction of Socialization:

Process of Socialization “Begins At Birth, Ends with Death” The Human Infant comes into the world as a biological organism. He is gradually moulded into a social being by the groups in society. He learns social ways of acting and feeling by imitating others. The process of moulding into a person is known as “Socialization.” In the story of ‘The Honest Woodcutter’, the angel gives the woodcutter the golden and silver axes along with his own iron axe, as a reward for his honesty. The moral of ‘honesty is the best policy’ is narrated to children in an effective manner. Fables and stories which were usually narrated to children by elders are transmitted today through animated forms and decorative storybooks filled with lots of colourful pictures.

The forms may have changed. But for centuries together moral stories are being passed on from one generation to another. The function of all children’s stories is to create a sense in the children of the right/wrong, acceptable/non-acceptable, do’s/don’ts prevalent in a particular society. It gives them a sense of growing up in their own world. This process whereby vulnerable infants become self-aware, skilled individuals is termed as socialization.

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