Characteristics of Social Group




Characteristics of Social Group:

1. Mutual Awareness:

The members of a social group must be mutually related to one another. A more aggregate of individuals cannot constitute a social group unless reciprocal awareness exists among them. Mutual attachment, is, therefore, regarded as its important and distinctive feature. It forms an essential feature of a group.

2. One or more Common Interests:

Groups are mostly formed for the fulfillment of certain interests. The individuals who form a group should possess one or more than one common interests and ideals. It is for the realization of common interests that they meet together. Groups always originate, start, and proceed with a common interest.

3. Sense of Unity:

Each social group requires a sense of unity and a feeling of sympathy for the development of a feeling or sense of belongingness. The members of a social group develop common loyalty or feeling of sympathy among themselves in all matters because of this sense of unity.

4. We-feeling:

A sense of we-feeling refers to the tendency on the part of the members to identify themselves with the group. They treat the members of their own group as friends and the members belonging to other groups as outsiders. They cooperate with those who belong to their groups and all of them protect their interests unitedly. We-feeling generates sympathy, loyalty, and fosters cooperation among members.

5. Similarity of Behaviour:

For the fulfillment of common interest, the members of a group behave in a similar way. The social group represents collective behaviour. The-modes of behaviour of the members on a group is more or less similar.

6. Group Norms:

Each and every group has its own ideals and norms and the members are supposed to follow these. He who deviates from the existing group-norms is severely punished. These norms may be in the form of customs, folkways, mores, traditions, laws, etc. They may be written or unwritten. The group exercises some control over its members through the prevailing rules or norms.

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