Concept of Social Mobility




Concept of Social Mobility:

Russian-born American sociologist and political activist Pitirim Sorokin first introduced the concept of social mobility in his book “Social and Cultural Mobility.” He states that there is no society that is completely open (such as the class system) and no society that is completely closed (like the caste system in India).

According to Sorokin, no two societies are the same in terms of movement allowed and discouraged, and that the speed of social mobility can change from one time period to the next. It depends on how developed the society is.

Such a societal shift can happen over time as individuals move from one position to another due to various social interactions. Mobility, more or less, provides people with benefits as they are motivated by different factors in society and work to reach new roles that offer them a better standard of living and greater rewards. People compete and cooperate with others in society to move up the social mobility ladder.

Mobility stands for shift, change, and movement. The change may be of a place or from one position to another. Social mobility stands for change in the position of an individual or a group of individuals from one status to another.

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