Reflection of Waves - Standing Waves and Normal Modes

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  • Stationary Waves (Standing waves)
  • Stationary waves are of two types: Longitudinal and Transverse stationary waves
  • Nodes
  • Antinodes
  • Characteristics of stationary waves
  • Difference between progressive waves and stationary waves
  • Terms related to the application of stationary waves: Note, Tone, Fundamental note and fundamental frequency, Harmonics, Overtones, Octave, Unison, Resonance.
  • Standing Waves in Strings
  • Harmonics and overtone
  • Laws of vibrating string
    1) Law of length
    2) Law of mass
    3) Law of density
    4) Law of tension
  • Organ Pipes: Closed and Open Organ Pipe
  • End correction
  • Energy in a standing wave
  • Fundamental Mode and Harmonics
  • fundamental mode or the first harmonic, second harmonic
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