Angular Velocity and Its Relation with Linear Velocity



  • Relation Between Linear Velocity and Angular Velocity


Angular velocity & its relation with linear velocity

Every particle of a rotating body moves in a circle. Angular displacement of a given particle about its centre in unit time is defined as angular velocity.

  • Average angular velocity = ΔΘ/Δt

  • Instantaneous angular velocity, ω = dΘ / dt

  • v = wr, where v – linear velocity of particle moving in a circle of radius r

  • All parts of a moving body have the same angular velocity in pure rotation motion.

  • Angular velocity, ω, is a vector quantity

  • If you curl your fingers of right hand in the sense of rotation, thumb will give direction of angular velocity.

  • V = ω x r

  • Angular Acceleration is given by rate of change of angular velocity with respect to time.

  • α = dω / dt

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