Alpha-particle Scattering and Rutherford’s Nuclear Model of Atom



  • Alpha-particle Scattering Experiment and Rutherford's Model of Atom
  • Alpha-particle trajectory
  • Electron orbits
  • Rutherford’s nuclear model of atom (mathematical theory of scattering excluded), based on Geiger - Marsden experiment on α-scattering; nuclear radius r in terms of closest approach of α particle to the nucleus,
    obtained by equating ∆K = ½ mv2 of the α particle to the change in electrostatic potential energy ∆U of the system `"U" = (2e xx "Ze")/(4πε_0r_0) r_0 ∼ 10^(-15) "m" = 1` fermi; atomic structure; only general qualitative ideas, including atomic number Z, Neutron number N and mass number A.
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