Scope and Excitement of Physics



Scope and Excitement of Physics:

There are two kinds of discoveries in physics: Accidental discoveries and laboratory research discoveries that have been carefully analysed and predicted. For instance, magnetism was unintentionally discovered, but the cause of magnets unusual behaviour was later analytically examined. This study made the fundamental principles of magnetism clear. In the labs, artificial magnets were created using this information. The main contribution of physics to advances in science and medicine is theoretical predictions. For instance, Cockcroft and Walton's experimental demonstration of the renowned Albert Einstein equation E = mc2 in 1932 was based on a theoretical prediction made in 1905. Thus, experiments and theory work hand in hand, complementing one another. 

A) Scope of physics:

Physics has a huge scope as it covers a tremendous range of magnitude of various physical quantities (length, mass, time, energy etc.). It deals with systems of very large magnitude, as in astronomical phenomena, as well as those with very small magnitude involving electrons and protons.

  • Range of time scales: astronomical scales to microscopic scales, 1018s to 10−22s.
  • Range of masses: from heavenly bodies to electron, 1055 kg (mass of the known observable universe) to 10−31 kg (mass of an electron) [the actual mass of an electron is 9.11 × 10–31 kg].

B) Excitement of Physics:

Physics is an exciting subject to learn in many ways, in addition to being educational.

  1. A few basic concepts and laws can describe a wide range of physical phenomena.
  2. The most fascinating and exciting part is applying and utilising physical laws to create useful devices, which calls for a lot of creativity and perseverance.
  3. Carrying out novel, difficult experiments to reveal the workings of nature and to confirm or refute the ideas already in existence. 
  4. Investigating and comprehending the science behind natural occurrences like the eclipse and the reason why a fire feels hot? etc.
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