Indian Traditions of Visual Arts (Drik Kala): Painting




Indian Traditions of Visual Arts (Drik Kala): Painting 

  • Indian Painting is one of the forms of art which is giving expression to human feelings and thoughts through colours, lines, and designs.
  • The earliest Indian painting originated from a religious Hindu background, which was replaced by Buddhist art and later by Islamic art. After colonial rule, the British style of painting, Progressive art, and now Modern art emerged. Hence, Indian painting is one of the existing rich heritage.
  • From the painting of the mural in Ajanta and Ellora caves to the multiple forms of classical paintings in various parts of the country. Indian painting paved versatile painting styles in the nation. 
  • Indian paintings have traditionally been classified according to a different Era, regional styles, or dynastic periods, with an emphasis on the contribution of different styles.
  • Some of the styles of Indian painting:
  1. Prehistoric Painting
  2. Mural Painting and Cave Painting
  3. Folk Styles of Painting
  4. Classical Styles of Painting
  5. Miniature Painting in Manuscripts
  6. Western Style of Painting
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