Toys and History




Toys and History 

  • Toys may shed light on the advancement of technology and history. They can also provide us with a sense of cultural and religious traditions.  
  • In Maharashtra, model forts are created as part of the traditional Diwali celebrations. These replicas of forts have clay representations of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, his warriors, along with civilians and animals.  
  • This custom preserves the memories of the significant part that Maharashtra's forts played in its history. 
  • In the Pompeii excavation, an ancient Italian city, an elephant tusks doll manufactured by Indian artisans was discovered. It was made in the first century C.E. The Indo-Roman trade links are explained by this artefact. As a result, toys uncovered during archaeological excavations can shed light on past cross-cultural interactions. 
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