Sports and Professional Opportunities




Sports and Professional Opportunities:

1. Sports Journalism:

  • Though sports and history are very distant topics there exists some relationship between the two. There are many opportunities in the field of sports journalism for history students.  
  • One needs to take the help of History to write articles, and reviews about sports events like the Olympics, Asiad, and National, and international matches. 

2. Commentators:  

  • Expert commentators are in demand during sports matches.  
  • An expert commentator needs to have good knowledge of the history, statistics, previous records, famous players, historical stories, etc. related to the concerned game.
  • Knowledge of history is useful for them. 

3. Telecast of Sports Events 

  • Matches of various sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, chess, etc. are shown live on television on various channels.  
  • The role of professionals who track and keep the record of these telecasts from various channels has become very important now.  
  • The sports channels continue to telecast 24 × 7. There are many professional opportunities available in this field. 

4. Referees 

  • Referees are an essential factor in sports matches. Trained referees are required to pass qualifying examinations.  
  • Qualified referees can work at district, state, national and international levels.  
  • The government and private sectors are trying to promote sports. There are scholarships offered to sportspersons.
  • There are reserved seats for them in government and private establishments. 



Bal J. Pandit 

Bal J. Pandit: 

Pandit, who was employed by All India Radio for many years, was a pioneer in Marathi cricket commentary. His creation of new Marathi terminology for cricket phrases, such as "aapat-baar" for a bouncer ball, was quite well. For a brief time, he also worked as an English-language cricket commentator. Pandit, a first-class cricket player himself provided informative commentary. He was known for emphasizing a player's range of improvement in his commentary. The Limca Book of World Records also took note of his accomplishments over his 40 years of live commentary.

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