Need for Mass Media




Need for Mass Media:

  1. In a democracy, the media serves as a watchdog of public interest.
  2. Media is crucial to a democracy and acts as the people's agency for informing them of key national and international events.
  3. Editorials, various columns, and supplements are essential parts of newspapers where experts and common people receive a platform to voice their opinions. In this sense,  it takes on the role of the voiceless, allowing them the proper platform to exercise their right to free expression.
  4. Television is an audio-visual medium where we see actual visuals of an event. So far, there is no alternative to watching a live event other than television. 
  5. Media also plays a constructive role in society by raising awareness of issues. The media has recently brought up numerous instances of social difficulties, such as gender discrimination.
  6. When it comes to branding, businesses look for the best platforms to communicate their message, including websites, social media platforms, blogs, and forums.
  7. The internet is really vast, free repository of knowledge. Learning websites are becoming important for assisting anyone to study anything, anyplace.
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