Game Materials and Toys




Game Materials and Toys

  • Toys are tools and resources used to amuse and educate young children. 
  • Archaeological excavations have unearthed clay toys.
  • These toys were made either by hand or with the use of moulds. 
  • In the literature of ancient India, dolls are mentioned.

    Books Description

    1. The Mrichchhakatika of Shudraka:

    Mrichchhakatika is the name of a Shudraka drama written in Sanskrit. This refers to a clay cart. 


    2. Stories from Kathasaritsagara:

    Very fascinating descriptions of games and toys are found in "Kathasaritsagara". The concept of flying dolls is described. It states that certain dolls used to fly, dance, and make noises when a key was pressed. 

  • In India, there have been regional doll-making traditions since ancient times.
  • Thaki was the name given to the wooden dolls produced in Maharashtra. 
  • Sawantwadi is popular with wooden toy manufacturers.

    Thaki Dolls
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