Art, Applied Art, and Professional Opportunities




Art, Applied Art, and Professional Opportunities:

1. Profession opportunities in Arts:  

  1. Art historians can work in the field of journalism. 
  2. The art market is an independent field. Determining an art object's actual value or confirming its authenticity requires specialized knowledge. This assignment requires a subject matter specialist with extensive knowledge of art history. 
  3. Cultural tourism and heritage management are relatively new fields. These industries offer several career prospects for art students. Some significant fields in this regard include archaeology, library science, information technology, and the management of museums and archives.

2. Profession opportunities in Applied Art:

People typically view the visual and performing arts as a kind of entertainment. This is essentially why the artist performs. To make an artistic creation economically sustainable, it is possible to add utility value to it. Thus, artistic creation with a utilitarian purpose is called applied art. 

  1. Industry and advertising, interior design and the creation of ornamental objects, stage backdrop art (Nepathya), film and television art direction, and industry; designing beautiful book and magazine layouts; The domains of applied arts include calligraphy, the creation of greeting cards, invitation cards, personalized stationery, gift items, etc. 
  2. The applied arts category includes the fields of architecture and photography. Computer-generated images, both still and animated, are utilized for a variety of purposes nowadays. This is also applied art. The term 'applied arts' can be used to describe ornaments, metal artwork, colorful earthenware, cane and bamboo products, beautiful glass items, appealing textiles, clothes, etc. 

Every field mentioned above demands precise planning and control throughout the whole production process. At every step, it's critical to recruit qualified personnel. Some of the production processes of artistic objects have a history of certain traditions. Each creative process has a unique history of development. As a result, the history of many industrial and cultural traditions is included in the curriculum of art design training courses. 

In India, there are a few organizations that provide technical and vocational training in the areas mentioned. One of them is the internationally acclaimed 'National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Since 2015, this institution has offered an online course.

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