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Congruence Among Line Segments

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Congruence Among Line Segments:

  • The method of superposition examines the congruence among line segments.

  • Copy `bar"CD"  "and place it on " bar"AB"`.
    You find that `bar"CD" "covers"  bar"AB"`, with C on A and D on B.
    Hence, the line segments are congruent. We write `bar"AB" ≅ bar"CD"`.

  • If two line segments have the same (i.e., equal) length, they are congruent. Also, if two line segments are congruent, they have the same length.

  • Copy `bar"RS"  "and place it on"  bar"PQ"`.
    `bar"RS" and bar"PQ"` are not congruent.

  • It is because the line segments do not coincide when placed one over another.

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