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Comparing Decimal Numbers



  • Comparison when whole parts equal
  • Comparison when whole parts are unequal


Comparing Decimals:

  • Any two decimal numbers can be compared among themselves.

  • The comparison can start with the whole part. If the whole parts are equal then the tenth parts can be compared and so on.

a) Comparison when whole parts equal:

Let us now compare the numbers 32.55 and 32.5.

In this case, we first compare the whole part. We see that the whole part for both the numbers is 32 and, hence, equal. We, however, know that the two numbers are not equal. So, we now compare the tenth part. We find that for 32.55 and 32.5, the tenth part is also equal, then we compare the hundredth part.

`32.55 = 32 + 5/10 + 5/100 and 32.5 = 32 + 5/10 + 0/100`.

Therefore, 32.55 > 32.5 as the hundredth part of 32.55 is more.

b) Comparison when whole parts are unequal:

Let us compare the numbers 5.64 or 5.603.

Here, both numbers have the same parts up to the tenth place. However, the hundredth part of 5.64 is greater than that of 5.603.

Hence, 5.640 > 5.603.

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