Applied History




Applied History: Applied History is a field of study that focuses on how history may be used to benefit people in contemporary and future times.


Applied History:

  • ‘Applied History’ is also known as ‘Public History’.  
  • The study of Applied History focuses on how history may be used to benefit current and future generations of citizens. 

Misgivings about the practicality of the knowledge of history: 

There are some misgivings about the practicality of the knowledge of history like: 

  • History is thought of as a field only for historians and students pursuing higher studies. 
  • It is not useful in practical/daily life. 
  • History as a field of knowledge does not have any relation or applicability to economically productive fields etc.  

Importance of the study of history: 

It is useful: 

  • To provide guidance and in finding solutions to contemporary social issues. 
  • To incorporate the solutions in social planning. 
  • To help people in future planning. 

Participation of common people in projects: 

  • Tourists visit museums and ancient sites. 
  • Tourism helps create interest in history. 
  • People take part in the conservation and preservation of their own city or village.
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