Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 5th Standard

Weeds in the Garden




Weeds in the Garden


This story begins by telling us about how our parents only want what's best for us and how they do everything that they can to give us a better life and make us better people they have to yell at us sometimes so that we understand what we are doing is wrong. 

This was the same problem with Anshuman and his parents he started to gain some bad habits and his parents would yell at him tell him to make him understand but he was persistent he was not willing to listen to them they had tried beating him up also his but he didn't want to learn anything or change his ways.

Anshuman went to stay at his grandparent's farm and one morning he went for a walk with his dad and his dad saw a small weed in the ground and he asked his son to pluck it out and his son did with ease.

as they went forward he found another weed but it was a little bigger his dad told him to pull this one out too but to pull it out carefully so it doesn't grow again so he did as they went ahead they found another one and that one was covered with weeds so his dad asked him to pull it out and he tired but he could not so he dug around the weed and then he pulled  it out his dad said habits are like weeds the longer you let them grow the harder it is to uproot them and his son remembered that for the rest of his life and that one experience actually helped him out a lot.

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