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A Lark




A Lark


This poem was written by Lawrence Alma-Tadema tells us about the lark bird and all the things it has to face on a day to day basis and how it would be quite scary to be alone in the sky and if it wished to be a little goldfish in the sea sometime 

Stanza by stanza explanation 

Lark-bird, lark-bird, soaring high,
Are you never weary?
When you reach the empty sky
Are the clouds not dreary?
Don’t you sometimes long to be
A silent goldfish in the sea? 

In the first stanza, the poet tells us about the Lark bird and talks to the bird, and ask him some questions about the way he lives as he says isn't be scared to fly all alone next to the clouds in the night and doest he feels like being a small little goldfish in the sea. 

Goldfish, goldfish, diving deep,
Are you never sad, say?
When you feel the cold waves creep
Are you really glad, say?
Don’t you sometimes long to sing
And be a lark-bird on the wing?

In the second stanza, the poet speaks about the goldfish and asks the goldfish some questions he asks the goldfish if he is really happy and if she actually enjoys the cold waves hitting her over and over again doest she wants to just be free and sing and fly like a lark.


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