Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 5th Standard

Water in the Well




Water in the Well


This is a story about a farmer they start by saying the most important thing for a farmer is a good water source for his field so that the crops grow faster and so that they grow well and they are good quality crops.

So since upon a time there was a farmer named Kasim and he had a field right next to his field there was a well owned by a man named Ahmad. so the farmer use to ask the man if he could use his well of water for the crops and Ahmad said why do you keep asking again and again I don't like saying no to you over and over again why don't you save enough money to buy the well for me. 

So the farmer liked the idea but he knew Ahmad would ask for a lot of money so he took all his savings and went to him and bought the well from him the next s= day when he went to use the well he and dig a way to his field Ahmad asked him what he was doing and told him that he only bought the well and not the water inside and he said he should pay everyday to get water from the well the farmer was shocked.

He went to the Qazi and told him the whole story so the Qazi called Ahmad to hear both sides of the story. He heard both sides of the story and the Qazi was a smart man so he said that he completely agrees with Ahmad the farmers heart dropped and Ahmad was very happy that the Qazi sided with him and he said “In that case, Ahmad, why are you keeping it in Kasim’s well? You have no right to keep your belongings in his property. Ahmad didn't know what to say he was laughed upon by everyone in the court and he was asked to pay the farmer a rent to keep his water in the well although everything happened the farmer never troubled Ahmad for the rent. 

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