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The Adventures of Gulliver




The Adventures of Gulliver


This story is about how the gulliver went on many voyages and this is a story about one of them. The ship he sailed in was the Antelope. On his way back from there was a storm that sank the ship gulliver swam to land to save his life and he was on an unknown land and he was extremely tired so he went to sleep for about nine hours and he woke up the next day.

He tried to move once he woke up but he realized that his legs, hands, hair were all tied down then he felt something moving from his leg to his head and almost 40 more men like that one followed him and by looking at what they wore they looked like soldiers so he gave a great cry and they all ran away with fear and some of them got hurt while jumping of they were the size of half a foot of his.

After trying to set me free for a while I managed to get one arm free and a lot of soldiers tried to tie me to the ground again but they moved away from my hand as soon as I tried to crush them and I felt things pricking my hand I think they were trying to shoot arrows at me I was worried for my eyes so I put one hand over my face after that the smartest thing to do is lie quiet till the night with one arm free I would be able to escape easily. Right after that, a platform was raised and an important-looking man gave a long speech and tried to tell me that they would not harm me if I listened to whatever they said and I agreed and I let them know that I was hungry.

At once a hundred men came and started to put food in my mouth the size of their bread was a size of a bullet so I almost ate one or two loaves of bread in one bite the little Lilliputians were in shock they were passing comments on how much I am eating they were so many on my body I could grab about 40 in one hand but kept in mind the promise I had made I was actually surprised by their bravery cause I must have been the biggest giant that they have ever seen later I was taken to the city they put me on a cart joining many carts 900 men worked for 3 hours to make a cart for me and although the city was half a mile away we took all day to get there.

So we finally got there and the king came and they didn't think it was safe for the king to climb on top of me so he came on his chariot they cart stopped outside the largest building in town which was a church but was not used as a church for a really long while so I had strong gold rings to keep me from going around the door was 4-foot talk so I could bend on my fours to enter after a few days the king and the people of the town were convinced that I won't harm anyone so I was allowed to move around.

I asked them if I could go and see the city everyone in the city was told to stay home I went to the two biggest streets of the town every window has a face which was looking at me at the end of the two streets was the palace there was a garden all around and I looked in and I saw the queen and some of the princesses they were very happy to see me.

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