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The Legend of Marathon




The Legend of Marathon


This story begins by telling us the meaning of the word marathon and where it originated from and how the first marathon took place in Greece for the first ever olylimpics 

The story starts by the Persian army landing on the bay near a town  of Marathon they had a huge army and they had eyes on the city of Athens they had fought earlier and the Persian army knew that the Athens soldiers were brave and would put up a good fight the only thing the Athens had a problem with was number the number of soldiers they had compare to the Persian were very less so they had to ask a town near by for help so they send their messenger who went by the name of Pheidippides he ran to the next town Sparta which was about hundred kilometers away and then he gave them the message but the town was busy with ceremonies at that time so they didn't want to join the battle at that time so with a heavy heart but light feet he ran back a hundred kilometers to go and them the Athenian generals the news they were not dis heartned at all they said they would fight without any help. The persians were watching them like hawks and they attacked them by surprise but the soldiers went around them and started to bring them in the persians were in shock they were not ready for the battle they were very skilled achers but all the bows hit the Athens soldiers heavy armour and did not make a difference at all the athens soldiers drove them right back to the bay and made them return to the boat they came from the battle was over within hours but then the persians were not ready to accept defeat so they came up with a plan they saw that all the soldiers were at bay and there were only old people women and children in the city they knew that the water route was quicker than the land route so if they entered the city by the water route and there were no soldiers there it would be very easy for them to capture that city but the Athen general knew that they were up to something looking at the way they left so he came up with a plan of his own and said that the people in the city need to know that they won the battle so that the don't open the gates of the city to the persian army but who will be faster than the boat and will be able to make it in time. none other than Pheidippides although he ran 200 km yesterday but he was true to his state and this time it was to give good news so he began to run he took a tougher route which was shorter so that he could make it in time the route he went by had mountains clifs and so many other things and he made it the people in the city opened the gates to him and asked him what happen and he told them that he won they were overjoyed and this story has been beneficial to many atlethes in Greece. 

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