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Bird Bath




Bird Bath


This poem by  Evaleen Stein tells us about how some person has made a little pool in their backyard for the birds to come and drink water from and whenever the birds do pass they cross the pool and there won't be even once when they pass it and don't visit it.

Stanza by stanza explanation

In our garden, we have made
Such a pretty little pool,
Lined with pebbles neatly laid,
Filled with water clean and cool.

In the first stanza, the poet talks about how in their garden they decided to make a little pool for the birds and how they lined it with pebbles so it attracts them towards the pool and they made sure that the water was clean and it was cool cause the birds are flying in the sun all day long.

When the sun shines warm and high
Robins cluster round its brink,
Never one comes flying by
But will flutter down to drink.

In the second stanza, the poet talks about the birds and how they fly all day in the sun and how there is not even one instance when they fly across the pool and won't come by it to drink some.

Then they splash and splash and splash,
Spattering little showers bright
All around, till off the flash
Singing sweetly their delight.

In the third stanza, the poet tells us about how when they all come to drink water they splash water everywhere make it look like bright showers and sing in a melodious way and cause delight.


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