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The Journey to the Great Oz




The Journey to the Great Oz


This story begins by introducing us to the characters. The first character is Dorothy and her dog Toto who have been whisked by a cyclone. Next is Tin the woodman who is looking for a heart. Then she met the scarecrow who is looking for brains. Finally, there was the cowardly lion who was looking for courage. They all wanted to meet the wizard of Oz the only person who could help them get what they want.

The story begins with them walking for over an hour and within that time they were faced with their first obstacle. There was a huge ditch in the ground that divided the forest into two. it was deep and wide it was so deep that they knew they couldn't climb down into it so they thought their journey has ended there only. The tin man said he had an idea and the lion was shaking his head in thought the scarecrow said that they cant fly past it nor can they jump into the ditch. The lion says that he will be able to jump across the ditch with the measurements he did in his head. The scarecrow said then we should be fine for you can jump with us on your back. The lion asked who wanted to go first the scarecrow said that he would want to go first because if Dorothy went first and fell she would die and if tin the woodman went he would be badly dented the lion was scared of falling in himself so the scarecrow sat on his back and the lion walked up to the edge of the ditch the scarecrow asked why don't you run and jump this lion said this is how we do it and jumped across with ease the other things saw him jump with ease and were not as stressed so the Dorothy and Toto sat on his back and after that the tin the woodman. The lion was tired with all the jumping he did he was panting like a big dog.

They found the forest to be extremely thick and dark on the other side and to add to their discomfort they heard noises from the forest and the lion said to them that is where the Kalidas live. Dorothy asked what are Kalidas the lion replied that they are beasts and he said that they could tear me to pieces as easily I could tear Toto to pieces. The lion said that he was very scared of them. Dorothy said that she was not surprised that he was scared and then they saw a second ditch on the way and this one was way bigger and the lion was definite that he couldn't jump it so they sat to think what they should do the scarecrow said there is a huge tree here if the tin man can cut it and lay it across the ditch we can cross it with ease then the tin man began to cut the tree and the lion used his strong legs to push it down to the ground and It falls perfectly across the ditch they all began to cross the ditch and they heard Kalidas approaching them the lion began to tremble they all went ahead and the lion was there although he was scared he roared so loud that even the Kalidas stopped for a second then the lion began the cross and he did and he reached the other side but the Kalidas also began to cross so the scarecrow told the tin man to cut the tree from the other side he did and both the Kalidas fell into the ditch the lion said at least we will live a little longer they began to walk again they got so tired that dorothy had to ride on thelions back as they kept walking they reached a river and across the river they saw a nice place with a yellow bricked road and some nice fruits they were extremely happy to have reached this place 

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