Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 5th Standard

The Twelve Months




The Twelve Months 


Once upon a time, there was a mother that had two daughters one of which was her own and the other and the one was her stepdaughter she loved he daughter more than her stepdaughter and she was very biased and she always made the stepdaughter do all the work in the house.

The reason the mother did not like the stepdaughter is that she was better looking than her real daughter the mother made her do all the work in the house cooking cleaning washing and everything else and she did it all without complaining while the other daughter is lazy the entire day and all she does is adores herself and one day they threw her out in the freezing cold.

One day the real daughter asked the stepdaughter to go and get violets from the forest and it was snowing so the stepdaughter said how will I get violets in the snow the real daughter got angry and said you're going to argue with me and the mother came and sent the stepdaughter to go and get violets.

Her mother grabbed her turned her around and closed the door on her she went to the forest in tears she was looking around for a while and she couldn't find anything she was hungry and cold suddenly she saw a light she went towards it and she saw 12 men sitting around a fire and they all looked so different and they were all sitting in silence she was extremely scared but after a while, she got bolder and asked the men whether she could warm her hands on their fire.

Great January nodded and asked the girl what she was doing there and the girl told him that her sister wants violets great January asked in the snow you are looking violets then he asked March to go and have the club and he sawed it around and there were violets on the ground.

The same situation repeated with the strawberries and apples and then the real daughter and the mother went out to go and see where they got it and then the stepdaughter went to look fir them but she couldn't find them so in the future she inherited the house and had a really nice family to live it. 




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