Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 5th Standard

A Lesson for All




A Lesson for All


This story has many characters and it begins with telling us all their names and it begins with everyone getting up in the morning and not receiving their regular stuff for example Mr.Desai did not receive the newspaper and so he thought to ask Mr.Patel and he said that no one had turned up this morning he did receive the newspaper nor did he receive any milk and they both noticed they amount of dirt and garbage on the streets and Mr.Desai says last night when he returned home the street was clean and Mrs.Joshi and her daughter Madhu entered and Madhu tripped over something and got hurt her mother went to see and she was bleeding they went got some ice and called the doctor immediately the doctor came and said she would dress up the wound it would be fine but they still never knew where all the garbage came from and then they saw the newspaper boy and the milkman they asked him where his cycle was and why he was so late he said that his tire burst and he had to carry the milk all the way and the newspaper boy tripped over a tire and sprained his leg the school bus driver came and said that he cant drive the bus to school today as there is trash everywhere they agreed and said that they will let the mayor know and then a hawker said that they should call her to see it for herself and they all agreed they went and called him he came and said disgusting and asked they don't dispose their garbage properly they all said that they do they said they give it to the garbage man or they dumb it near the river so the mayor asked then how did it comeback here the bus driver says that was the problem no one knows how it did get back here and they went on to say that someone is done it to cause danger to thier lives and then suddenly the animals enter and say that they are responsible they said that we take all the dirt and put it where they say so my animals die cause of the garbage in the forest and how many fishes die cause of the chemicals and poisons in the water and all the other animals drink the same water and all the humans agreed to them and started to  clean up the mess on thier own and apologized for thier actions and they got a better solution to dump thier waste they said that they would begin to separate thier waste.

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