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On the Water




On the Water


This story is about two friends who go for a boat ride and appreciate everything around it like the bright sky, nature the hills the trees the birds the ripples on the water the flowers, and the fish they even appreciated the stream of water they were passing.

Sstanza by stanza explanation

In our little boat to glide
On the water blue and wide,
While the sky is smooth and bright,
What could give us more delight? 

In the first stanza, the poet tells us about how they are going on a boat and how the place they have gone to has clean blue water and the sky is clear and they go on to ask what could give them more delight.

See the ripples, how they run,
Twinkling brightly in the sun;
While reflected we can see
Shadows of each hill and tree

In the second stanza, the poet tells us about how when they are in the water they can see the ripples and how those ripples reflect the hills and trees all around them, and how the bright sun reflects itself on those ripples.

See the lilies, round and large,
Floating near the reedy marge,
Where the bulrush has its place
And the heavy water-mace.

In the third stanza, the poet talks about the Lillies near the waterbody and how they are round and large, and how everything has a place even tho there is a heavy current there is a proper place for everything.

See the great green dragonfly,
And the swallow skimming by.
See the fishes spring and gleam,
Ere they splash into the stream,

In the fourth stanza, the poet talks about the dragonfly and how it flies around the waterbody and he also talks about the fishes in the water and how they jump into the stream of water.

See the bright kingfisher too
Dart a gleam of green and blue.
These are all around our boat
On the water whilst we float.

In the fifth stanza, the poet talks about the bright kingfisher and its characteristics and how he can see all these amazing things around his boat, and how they couldn't ask for more.

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