Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 5th Standard

Be a Good Host and Guest




Be a Good Host and Guest


This chapter is about how we should be good hosts and guests at parties and how to behave at parties they also tell us the difference between throwing a happy party and throwing a glamorous party and they have given us certain points to make sure that we are good hosts and guests. 

points for hosting a party.

The first thing you need to do is talk to your family and see if there are ok with the idea of throwing a party they will help you choose a venue food and the time and date the party should be thrown then you need to decide whether you want to throw a formal or an informal party according to that send out your invitations  make sure you send out your invitation well in advance so that the people you are calling can make that time of the day free for your party and are available for your party you should also make sure that you have all the details on your invitation  card choose a menu all your guests will enjoy making sure you have everything planned before the party on the day of the party make sure everything is ready all the decorations  are in place and that everything is ready before the guest arrive once they do arrive make sure you greet each one of them and make sure they are comfortable to make sure if two people dot know each other you introduce them to each other you should serve people what they want and make sure everyone is served what they want and everyone is comfortable you should play games if you have planned any games make sure everyone participates in it and the when people begin to leave make sure you say by to each and everyone of them personally and then the most important part clean after you are done with your party. 

Points for being a good guest.

The points they have given are very important they start off by saying that when you receive an invitation to a party make sure you respond to it and let them know if you are going to be attending or not if you are buying the host a present make sure you take the price tag of it it is not good for a host to know how much you spent on a gift on the day of the party make sure you arrive on time offer if there is any help needed to take part in conversations and games complement the food and the decorations and don't waste food and when the time is right to leave say goodbye to the host and leave and after the party let them know that the party was a lot of fun. 


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