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Three Sacks of Rice




Three Sacks of Rice


This story is about 3 brothers all 3 of them were raised by a single mother after the death of their father all the 3 boys we nice and hardworking the eldest one ran a shop the middle one was a priest and the youngest one just got done with his education and had started to look for jobs as well. 

One day one of their father's friends came and asked their mother about getting his daughter married to one of the sons and he already had a plan in mind so he told their mother about his plan and she agreed. 

So the father's friend went to meet all the three sons and he told them I am giving you this sack of rice and I am going out for a few months can you please take care of it for me the friend went away for more than a few months he came back and it was almost a year.

He went to visit the eldest brother first the eldest brother told him saying it was lying with him for a while so he was worried about it getting spoiled so he sold the rice and he gave the uncle the money he got for the rice.

He went to visit the middle one next the middle one said that he was worried about the rice getting spoiled too so he gave it to the poor and they all prayed for him and he said that he is willing to pay for the rice the friend said no the blessings of the poor was more than any amount of money.

He last went to meet the youngest son and the youngest son told him he used the rice and told him that he went to the farmer that he works with he asked him to give him some spare land and he asked him for paddy and he made one bag of rice in 25 he kept 5 bags aside for the friend and he gave him a small amount of money and said I would like to keep a good amount of money for all the hard work he put in the father smiled and said he has found his son in law.

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