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Helen Keller




Helen Keller


This is a story about a girl who lived in the US and when she was 18 years old she got extremely ill and she nearly died after everything happened when she recovered she was completely deaf and blind.

It was very difficult for her to learn how to talk cause most babies listen to people talking around them and learn how to talk from that but as she was deaf that was not possible so the other alternative for deaf people is to learn how to lip read so that you can understand what everyone is saying but as she was blind that was not a possibility either. 

The girl could not see what other people were doing but she had remembered a few words like for water she would say waa waa but for most things she had to use signs for simple things like yes no come go although she had a clever brain and she wanted to do and say what every other child was doing she use to get very angry when she couldn't explain what she meant or couldn't understand what other people were saying to her.

Then entered Anne Sullivan into Helen's life she was a very devoted teacher and she knew the feeling of being blind as she was blind for a very long time herself she thought the best way to teach the girl would be fingerspelling so she would give her anything and she would spell it her and Helen would spell it back she had become extremely sensitive to her touch she soon could tell the difference between one letter to another the teacher started to give her objects but Helen didn't know what they meant she very soon grew bored and stop trying her teacher didn't know what to do.

So then one day her teacher took her outside and she gave her a mug and she took her to the water pump and then she filled it water and the mug overflowed and her teacher spelled water on her other hand her face lit up she understood that everything has a name and the cold wet stuff is called water.

she started to touch everything and her teacher would just spell it out to her she was so happy words finally had meaning for her she understood actions like run stand sit she understood the feeling of things like hard-soft etc. 

she had a very clever mind so whenever people would say anything her teacher would spell it out for her and she was learning very fast she started to write and trying to stay in lines and she began to type as well and she began to read braille books.

The next thing for her to do is learn how to speak out loud she could understand by keeping her hands on their lips or their throat so she could have a conversation with people without the fingerspelling method this method required a lot of patience.

In some time she could read write and speak in English french and german she would be determined to go to university when she was 20 years old she sat for her entrance for the college of Radcliffe one of the best colleges in the US the papers were in braille she didn't know what she had written but that's the chance she had to take she got into university. 

Her teacher was with her all through university and she was a girl who lived in a dark world at the tender age of 7 she held many university honors she went on to inspire many other blind people and she went on to live till 88 yeas old. 

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