Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 5th Standard

Be a Netizen




Be a Netizen


This chapter is about computers and how it is very common to have a computer in almost every house one of the best features about the computer is the net a network is a thing that is all interconnected with each other

The internet makes it possible for one computer to connect to another computer and to send or receive information according to that and is very easy to do so all you have to do is log on to the internet and then you can and then you can send information in the form of text pictures videos ad many more you can also send your private information on the net. 

Once you are done sending or receiving the information you can log of the internet so you just log out of the internet and then you will no longer be online you will be offline.

The internet is an ocean of information the question in your mind might be how will you get the exact information you are looking for on such a vast platform and that's why there are websites there are many websites on the internet that have individual addresses so according to what you are looking for you can visit various websites and they will help you out.

The computers have this thing called search engines they help you look for what you want as in when you type something on the net they will give you websites with you can refer to or use to gain knowledge websites are like books but you cannot change anything on a website you can only view from a third-person perspective. 

So if there is any information that you need to use and that you have to save for later what will you do you can make a copy of it and keep it stored on the computer and if you need to send it to someone else then you can prepare it in a way you would want them to see it you can also have your own address to receive and send things on an application called Gmail.

An email account is like a letterbox that you can use as and when you like and another difference is that you can also send information from this account there are not two email ids that match each other everyone on earth has a different one and if you want to keep your account safe you can use a password for it. 

People who use the internet are called Netizens would you like to be one?



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