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Count Your Garden




Count your Garden


This poem is about how we should see the positives in life and how we shouldn't pay attention to the negatives and they used nice examples to explain how we should that and pay attention to the more important things in life.

Stanza by stanza explanation 

Count your garden by the flowers;
Never by the leaves that fall;

In the first stanza, the poet speaks about how we should look at the positives in a very nice way and he gives us the example of how we should count our garden by the number of flowers we have and not the number of dry leaves that fall on the ground.

Count your days by golden hours;
Don’t remember clouds at all.

In the second stanza, the poet tells us about how we can look at the positives in our lives in another way by not counting the clouds but by counting the golden hours of our lives.

Count the nights by stars, not shadows;
Count your life by smiles, not tears;

In the third stanza, the poet gives us a few more examples about how we should look at the positives in life in the night we should count the stars and not our shadow and we should count our life by the number of smiles and good moments and not our tears and sad moments 

And with joy on every birthday,
Count your age by friends, not years.

In the fourth stanza, the poet talks about how with every passing year on our birthday we shouldn't count our age we should count how many friends we have.


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