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Major Dhyan Chand




Major Dhyan Chand


On 15 August 1936, the hockey finals of the Olympics which was held in Germany between India and Germany was to take place Germany were extremely confident as they had already beaten India in a practice match before they were so sure of victory that Hitler himself came to watch the finals.

On the day before the game, it rained heavily and the entire field was waterlogged but 15 august was the last day and the games could not be postponed any further. The Indian team was under a lot of pressure as they had already lost to Germany and they were not comfortable playing on wet ground.

There were about forty thousand people who came for the hockey finals The Maharaja of Baroda State, the Prince of Bhopal, and a few other Indians had also come to support the Indian Team. The game began at 11 am and the Germans were playing short passing which was India's strategy but the Indian team was giving them a run for their money no one could score in the first half.

In the 32 minute, Roop Singh scored by shooting the ball for a very difficult angle the Indian team had found their momentum they scored 3 more goals, and out of those two were scored by the captain Major Dhyan Chand But the Germans were trying their best as well they figured out a way to score one goal as well.

Now Major Dhyan Chand didn't want them to score any more goals he took the ball and with his amazing dribbling skills he moved away from each and every defender from the Germany team and he got into the D and made passes which were easy to score he could have scored them himself but he was not a selfish player.

The Germans knew that this was a lost cause so some of them resorted to playing a bad game the German goalkeeper jumped on Dhyan Chand but he was a true soldier he went out, put some first aid and he came back onto the pitch and continued to play.

India had won 3 gold medals in a row it was a hat rick although Hilter left the game before it got over he was impressed by the skills of Dhyan Chand and he offered him a higher salary but Dhyan Chand declined his offer Hilter gave a gold medal to Dhyan Chand.

As we all know hockey is our national sport on 29 August which is Major Dhyan Chand's birthday is celebrated as sports day in India. There is a stadium in Delhi which is named after him. Who knows probably one of us has the resources to become the next Major Dhyan Chand.

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